Blackjack Variations

The game of blackjack comprises various kinds of variations. Some are different just by name while some comprises some different rules as well. For the sake of improved odds, it is very much crucial to know about the variations in the basic strategies involved in each type of blackjack. No matter what genre of the blackjack is getting played in the casino, fan of this game could be found in almost every casino wherever the game is getting played.

Garden Variety Blackjack

The game of Garden Variety Blackjack comprises a range of variations from one table to the other of the same casino or on any online establishment. These variations could be about the number of decks which could easily vary from one deck to eight decks. Some of the casinos need the dealer to remain on soft 17 which includes Ace which is counted as 11. Some expect the dealer hitting on soft 17.

In most of the cases the dealer is found to hit on soft 17 but this is not every time. Automated as well as continuous card shuffling could be found in the concept of Garden Variety Blackjack. There were some of the specifications on the diverse rules which are present in this great form of Blackjack known as Garden Variety Blackjack.

Single Deck Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is a single deck blackjack which also known as Double Diamond AKA Blackjack. This game is highly famous in the industry. One of the significant differences which could be found in this genre of blackjack is in the case of payouts. Excluding the genre of two Diamonds, payout for the game is 1:1. Where as in the case of Blackjack Double Diamonds, the payout considered in most of the casino is 2:1.

Similar to the Spanish 21, there are several other rules which fall in the favor of the player that too over the house. Due to various advantages existing for the players, the game has earned impressive popularity among the different genre of leisure gamers. If you go to any casino all over the world, finding a place in the Super Fun 21 is a matter of concern as most of the players visit the casino for playing this effective and efficient genre of gaming.

However, there is a catch in the concept. As the rules of the Super Fun 21 are far more relaxing, popular as well as fun, traditional house advantage gets doubled if compared with the people who are playing the traditional genre of Blackjack and employing some general strategies in the concept.

These were some of the most popular kinds of blackjack which has captivated a lot of people all over the world.