Blackjack Moves

In the blackjack game the there are several options of increasing the bets in the mid hand whenever the player feels that the chances of winning the game is high. While using the tricky options, it is always beneficial to gain the advantages of the concept as they help a lot to eradicate the house edge.

Doubling Down

Doubling down is basically a situation when the player has the chance to increase the bet to a reasonable extent. The core meaning of doubling down is doubling the amount of wager only when the chances of your win are to a higher extent. Doubling down is possible only after you get a look of the first two cards of the game. There is no possibility of doubling down after taking a hit in the game. There are different rules getting used in various casinos.

In some casinos the amount of wages could be less than what has been originally wagered in the game. In some cases taking a look of any two cards is allowed while in some doubling down is possible after splitting any pair. It is generally seen that most of the players use the option of doubling down when the total of the first two cards sums up to 10 or 11. This is because the odds becomes in favor of getting a ten card which would probably give a sum of 20 or 21.

For indicating the dealer that you are going to double down, the second wager is placed next to original wager. It is not at all recommended to place the new wager on top of existing one. This is because the dealer might feel that there is a chance of cheating rising in your game.

Card Splitting

Yet another option of increasing the amount of original wages is card splitting. In this concept, after receiving a pair, which has the same value, it is possible to match the original bet as well as splitting the two cards in separate hands. Each of the cards belonging to the pair turns out to be the independent hand's first card along with the wager which apply only on those hands to which the wager is attached. After that the game of split hands gets started by receiving additional card as well as following the direction of hitting as well as standing.

Due to the independence of both of the hands, there is a possibility wining of both of the hands, losing of both of the hands as well combination of all these scenarios. For splitting any hand it is beneficial to place a similar bet next to the original one. Splitting of the cards could be done maximum four times.