Blackjack History

Blackjack is one of the most enjoyed games for the casino players of the recent times. This game has various similarities with the Vingt-et-un. However blackjack is the game famous by numerous names in different countries. Some similarities could be found in the names.

For example in Russia the game "Ochko" is one of the most popular games of casino liked by all. The word "Ochko" means "the hole". This game is more or less played in the same manner like the blackjack is played.

Likewise, there are many other games like 21, Pontoon along with Spanish 21 which is similar in various manners to the blackjack. If you do a proper survey you would find various other games similar to blackjack but with a different name.

Some successful players

In the 20th century there were various people who tried to make fortunes in the game of blackjack. Among them there is a famous name who converted this dream into reality. Ken Uston along with his team of players made a sum of $ 100,000 in the 1970s. Some people thought that they had cheated while playing the game. However this claim was denied by FBI who stated that no cheating devices where getting used by the team as there was a presence of the computer card counting technique. This reason helped the group to maintain their worth as well as reputation in the gaming industry.

Apart from Ken, there were some other names as well as which gained a high amount o fame and success in the gaming industry. The team of MIT got high fame due to their intelligence in the game. Although the presence of card counter got caught by the casino that used to increase the bet amount when the game used to be in the player's favor, the casino was unable to take any serious action as there were no practical cheating devices getting used in their games. However after sometimes the group got banned by various casinos due to the cunningness present in their method of gaming. If you go to the gaming industry of Massachusetts, you would always find people giving examples of this amazing group.

Talking about the resent times, blackjack is one of the most popular as well as prestigious games present in the casinos of different countries. The presence of blackjack could be found in the smallest casinos as well. There are some differences in the names as well as in some rules. However this doesn't affect the worth of the game. No matter what is the genre of the game, people's likeness about this popular concept is same all over the world.